Role: Animation

ECD - Mark Pedersen
Executive Producer - Julie Nelson
Creative Director - Jason Armitage 
Director - Gustavo Baltazar
Agency - Intrepid
Produced - Wolf Den
Art Direction - Wolf Den 
Animation - Chia Liu, Daniel Duncan, Daniel Prayogo, Carlos Tsoi, Nolan Downs, Wesley Phung, Angela Yu,  Gustavo Baltazar 
Design: Daniel Duncan, Carlos Tsoi, Angela Yu, Gustavo Baltazar 
Animations I worked on throughout the project:
- hand animations that were universally used in the 5 B2B videos
- characters/character rigging
- UI animations on phones/tablets
- transitions
Earlier hand explorations. These were old style frames that unfortunately did not get used moving forward. I broke down illustrations in Adobe Illustrator into separate layers to animate hands. 

An edit I created for the 5 Visa videos that Wolf Den produced.